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StMed: Rev. of: StudMed
StMed 1: Rev. of: Gs Meriggi
StMed 10: Rev. of: Jasink A.M. 1995a
StMed 11: Rev. of: Carruba O. 1997a
StMed 12: Rev. of: Martino S. de 2003a
StMed 13: Rev. of: Carruba O. 2003a
StMed 14: Rev. of: Pecchioli Daddi F. 2003a
StMed 2: Rev. of:
StMed 3: Rev. of: Poetto M. - Salvatori S. 1981a
StMed 4: Rev. of: Gs Pintore
StMed 5: Rev. of: Sürenhagen D. 1985a
StMed 6: Rev. of: Mora C. 1987a
StMed 7: Rev. of: Per una grammatica ittita
StMed 8: Rev. of: Poetto M. 1993a
StMed 9: Rev. of: 2HitCongr
StMed 22: Geo-Archaeological Activities in Southern Cappadocia – Turkey – Proceedings of the Meeting held at Pavia, 20.11.2008 Studia Mediterranea 22
StMed 24: Interferenze linguistiche e contatti culturali in Anatolia tra II e I millennio a.C. Studi in onore di Onofrio Carruba in occasione del suo 80° compleanno StMed 24
StMed 23: Archivi, depositi, magazzini presso gli Iittiti. Nuovi materiali e nuove ricerche / Archives, Depots and Storehouses in the Hittite World. New Evidence and New Research, Proceedings of the Workshop held at Pavia, June 18, 2009 StMed 23

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