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Anatolia and Surrounding Civilizations: Essays on Ancient Anatolia and its Surrounding Civilizations BMECCJ 8
Anatolia Antiqua/Eski Anadolu: Anatolia Antiqua / Eski Anadolu
Anatolia kokogaku kenkyu: Anatolia kokogaku kenkyu
Anatolian Archaeology: Anatolian Archaeology
Anatolian Iron Ages 3: Anatolian Iron Ages 3. Proceedeings of the Third Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium, Held at Van, 6-12 August 1990 BIAA Monograph 16
Anatolian Languages: Anatolian Languages AHL-SSHL 6
Anatolian Metal 2: Anatolian Metal II Anschnitt Beiheft 15
Anatolian Metal 3: Anatolian Metal III Anschnitt Beiheft 18
Anatolia: Anatolia
Anatolian Interfaces: Anatolian Interfaces – Hittites, Greeks and Their Neighbours
Anatolia and the Jazira: Anatolia and the Jazira During the Old Assyrian Period
Anatolian Metal 5: Anatolian Metal V
Anatolian Iron Ages 5: Proceedings of the Fifth Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium held at Van, 6-10 August 2001 BIAA Monograph 31
Anatolia’s Prologue: Anatolia´s Prologue - Kültepe Kanesh Karum. Assyrians in Istanbul (Exhib. Catalogue)
Anatolian Archaeological Studies: Anatolian Archaeological Studies (= Kaman-Kalehöyük), Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology - The Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan, 1992ff.
Anatolian Metal 8: Anatolian Metal VIII. Eliten-Handwerk-Prestigegüter

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